Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals: A new way to understand.

We often heard that Mahatma Gandhi is a man of action. Indeed he was a man of action but his actions were precise and gains far reaching results. His idea of non-violence is not against violence. He knew when to hit the hammer. After testing non cooperation movement he was successful in civil disobedience movement and finally the hammer of Thor came via Quit India movement. Let’s understand it one by one.

Mahatma Gandi

Wandering and understanding

After coming back from South Africa Gandhi decided to walk all around India to see the problems of mass. While moving in the trains and walking through the plains he met many peasants and nationalists and coordinated with them to set his goals. His long vision was to make India an Independent State through his vision of ‘Poorn Swaraj’. His idea was to mobilise the masses on a common issue and motivate them to fight for the cause non-violently.

Non violance was doing it’s job for all the regional problems like Champaran Satyagrah and Ahmedabad Mills strike. Through these movements he captures the nerves of Indians. Althoug he was not very successful in his non cooperation movement due to chori chora incident.

Successful mass movement at all India level

Simon commision gave the opportinity to mobilise the people again but this time at national level. Although most of the part of our constitution are still taken from that recommendation that finally took the shape of Government of India Act, 1935. Salt Satyagrah and individual Satyagra were some major ideas to mobilise the people.

As the respect and voice of Gandhi have come to the epitom not just in INC(Indian National Congress) but also in the heart of many Indians. He was successful in signing Gandhi-Irwin pact.

Ideals Then and Now

Hate the evil not the evil doer. Gandhi’s main idea of non violance. He often says we should love our enemy because if we hate them this will be a reason that compels him to hate us too. So, we need to fix ourself first before fixing him. Non violence is an act of faith and not a matter of choice. Sacrifice is possible only when there is a feeling of love.

This idea worked well in Non cooperation movement temperarilly but as he came to know the nature of Britishers, Gandhi changed his tactic.

Hammer of Thor(Gandhi)

After failed tactics of Britishers like giving post dated check on a crumbling bank (Cripps Mission) and August offer. Gandhi attacked throug Quit India movement and gave the slogan of do or die. And after few years India got it’s freedom.

So, we can see the long term vision of Mahatma Gandhi in his ideals and how he used his tactics to finally win the battel. No doubt his priority was always non violance but when the limits exceed he too favours violence. His timings were near perfect and never did things haphazardly. And we should understand and follow his principles as it will always remain relevent.

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